The Nutjob-Movie Review (1.1/5) :(


………..You know that moment when your husband comes home from work and he drinks a glass of wine at the middle of the night. That tells you something. He had it rough. AND SO HAVE I WITH THIS MOVIE. OMG. THIS. MOVIE. SUUUUUUUCCKKKKSSSS. WHO DIRECTED THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE?? WHY JANUARY? WHY HATH FORSAKEN US MOVIE REVIEWERS. But this is my solo standpoint. I had to see it with my lil sis and my family because this was for her and I didn’t want to make her feel bad. But NOW I CAN Express my feelings over this hunk of junk. So the story talks about this squirrel named Surly, who’s reckless/selfish actions has left his fellow park animals in jeopardy with no food. So he is banished to the streets with no friends until one day he comes across a nut store that is run by mobsters planning a heist. What does he find there, a treasure cove of nuts. Now Surly must redeem himself by throwing away his selfishness and give the nuts to every animal friend at the park. To be honest that’s what this whole movie is about. Its really predictable, I’m not saying its good or bad its meh. Theres a-ok actors in this one but the script is crap and humorless. The animation is terrible. The soundtrack is so 3 years ago (I’m talking about you Gangnam style). Need I say more. With family I say sure go ahead your kid will laugh. But solo…na-uh. I just had a headache from this movie and I wish to make it go away. I hope the Lego Movie can be better than this.

-Ok Actors

-Horrible Script
-Late Music
-Bad Animation

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